YSL Saint Laurent

Handbag Organiser Liner Inserts for YSL Saint Laurent handbags.

YSL / Saint Laurent is a French luxury fashion house and is considered one of the world's most prominent fashion houses. Known for its modern iconic pieces and finely crafted creations the brand manages to convey a unique identity for their discreet simple designed handbags, and in contrast, their bags displaying the jewellery-like logo.

The Handbag Angels Handbag Organisers Inserts Liners for YSL Saint Laurent handbags are bespoke felt organisers; the size and shape has been designed to fit perfectly in your handbag. Keep your everyday essentials neatly organized, easily visible and simple to find. Our organisers will help you solve the mystery of missing keys, lipsticks and other smaller items and they help to protect your favourite handbag.

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  1. Conversion Kit for Monogram Envelope Pouch
    As low as $98.00
  2. Conversion Kit for YSL Kate Clutch
    As low as $92.40
  3. Conversion Kit for YSL Monogram Clutch Wristlet
    As low as $92.40
  4. Conversion Kit for YSL Uptown Clutch
    As low as $92.40
  5. Enhancer for Mini Sunset
    As low as $72.80
  6. Enhancer for Small Kate
    As low as $72.80
  7. Liner for Large Bill Pouch
    As low as $70.00
  8. Liner for Large Rive Gauche Tote
    As low as $84.00
  9. Liner for Lou Camera Bag
    As low as $81.20
  10. Liner for Medium College (Set of 2)
    As low as $89.60
  11. Liner for Medium Envelope
    As low as $81.20
  12. Liner for Medium Kate
    As low as $81.20
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