Conversion Kits

Lovingly handcrafted by Handbag Angels... Our Conversion Kits are the perfect addition to turn your Pouch and Clutch Bags into a Crossbody delight!

We have carefully created luxury riveted liners and sourced chains to match the hardware of each Toiletry Pouch, Cosmetic Case and Clutch Bag. Simply place your riveted liner inside and attach your chain .... Et Voilá!

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  1. Conversion Kit for LV Toiletry Pouch 26
    As low as $92.40
  2. Conversion Kit for LV Large Pochette Kirigami
    As low as $92.40
  3. Conversion Kit for LV Small Pochette Kirigami
    As low as $78.40
  4. Conversion Kit for LV Toiletry Pouch 19
    As low as $92.40
  5. Conversion Kit for LV Neverfull Pouch
    As low as $92.40
  6. Conversion Kit for LV Medium Pochette Kirigami
    As low as $92.40
  7. Conversion Kit for LV Coin Purse
    As low as $72.80
  8. Design Your Conversion Kit
    As low as $100.80
  9. Conversion Kit for Mulberry Locked Cosmetic Pouch
    As low as $92.40
  10. Conversion Kit for Mulberry Mini Keeley
    As low as $79.80
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